Non-Agency Policy

SimplyFSBO Inc. is an advertising, online marketing hub, and coordination service only. SimplyFSBO Inc. connects real estate buyers & sellers on the internet. When buyers & sellers are ready to enter to an agreement for purchase, SimplyFSBO Inc. connects buyers & sellers to licensed professionals and/or attorneys to complete the transaction without commissions.

SimplyFSBO Inc. is NOT a real estate brokerage and does NOT charge a commission. MLS listing packages are provided by a partnered licensed real estate broker.

SimplyFSBO Inc and its representatives do NOT enter into fiduciary relationships with unrepresented buyers or sellers using Bob Strupp has majority ownership & controlling interest of SimplyFSBO Inc. Bob is a licensed real estate agent in Iowa, Illinois and North Carolina.  In the Quad Cities area, Bob Strupp is brokered with Attain RE, located in Iowa, which operates independent of SimplyFSBO Inc.

Buyers & sellers disclosing confidential information to representatives of SimplyFSBO Inc. must completely understand that SimplyFSBO Inc & its representatives do NOT engage in expressed agency or implied agency with any buyer or seller on, unless there is a written and signed agency agreement.

All information on is provided by the seller. Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. SimplyFSBO Inc. is NOT responsible for any inaccurate information. It is the seller’s responsibility to notify SimplyFSBO Inc. of any inaccurate information so it can be updated ensure accuracy of the information.