Terms of Service


SimplyFSBO Inc. is an advertising, online marketing hub, and coordination service only. SimplyFSBO Inc. connects real estate buyers & sellers on the internet. When buyers & sellers are ready to enter to an agreement for purchase, upon request, SimplyFSBO Inc. connects buyers & sellers to real estate professionals to complete & close the real estate transaction. SimplyFSBO Inc. is NOT a real estate brokerage – No Commissions, No Closing Fees, No Hidden Fees, and No Cancellation Fees.

Listing Status

Listings are usually active on SimplyFSBO.com the day after our professional real estate photographer takes photos of the home. It’s the seller’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information on SimplyFSBO.com. If there is any inaccurate information the sellers must notify us immediately so we can update the listing with the correct information. Sellers can also update their own listing in the website admin. Once sellers have an accepted offer, they must notify us immediately so we can update their status to “sale pending.” We urge the seller to provide us with a closing date as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to pickup the sign. If the seller removes a listing from SimplyFSBO.com and would like to add their home again, there may be a service fee.

Electronic “Make an Offer” Functionality

This form is NOT a legal and binding contract. The intention of this form is to help buyers and sellers negotiate the details of a purchase agreement before providing the desired terms to a licensed real estate professional or real estate attorney to create the official legal & binding contract.

Professional Real Estate Photos

Professional real estate photos are included in all listing packages. Sellers MUST use professional photos. Seller’s can provide their own exterior photos but must be approved by their SimplyFSBO Guru. Photoshoots can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the house. Listing packages with both professional photos & 3D tours can take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. Sellers have our permission to use the photos with the SimplyFSBO watermark on other real estate marketing channels. Sellers with homes more than 20 minutes outside the metro area my be charged a small travel fee. Make sure to review the check list sent by your SimplyFSBO Guru before the photographer arrives. Homes that are not prepared for photos will be charged a $30 travel fee and a reshoot will be scheduled. Photos are property of the photographer and not SimplyFSBO.

Zillow & Trulia Listing Management

Some of our listing packages include adding the seller’s home to Zillow and Trulia. The seller needs to provide us with their Zillow account username and a temporary password created by the seller if they’d like us to manage their Zillow and Trulia listing. We will use this information to add the home to Zillow and make updates. Homes on Zillow automatically update to Trulia so only one account is needed.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Upon request, we will connect the seller to a local real estate agent to provide a comparable market analysis and suggested listing price. This is a service offered for no additional cost. There is no obligation to the real estate agent for providing the CMA. Your SimplyFSBO Guru will review the CMA provided by the real estate agent and contact you to discuss a pricing strategy before making the listing active on SimplyFSBO.com.


We provide sellers with yard signs, directional signs, and open house signs. It is the seller’s responsibility to return the large yard sign. In many cases, we will be able to pick up the signs from the seller before closing. We do not collect a deposit, but failure to return the signs will result in a $75 replacement fee.

Hiring Real Estate Agent

If the seller hires a real estate agent, they must notify us immediately. Sellers with agents can continue to advertise their home on SimplyFSBO.com, but must have permission from their agent. We will also replace the owner’s contact information with the real estate agent’s contact information.

Payments & Refunds

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, cash and checks. Credit cards are processed securely using PayPal’s or Square’s online processing system. We do not collect or keep credit card information. In most cases refunds are not given. In some circumstances a portion of the total amount may be returned to the seller.


SimplyFSBO Inc. and its representatives do NOT engage in expressed agency or implied agency relationships with unrepresented buyers or sellers advertising on SimplyFSBO.com. SimplyFSBO Inc. is NOT a real estate brokerage. Upon request, we connect buyers and sellers to real estate professionals and/or real estate attorneys who can preform tasks that require a license. Read more about our non-agency policy here.

No Commissions, No Closing Fees, No Hidden Fees and No Cancellation Fees.

SimplyFSBO Inc. and its representatives do NOT engage in expressed agency or implied agency relationships with unrepresented buyers or sellers advertising on SimplyFSBO.com. SimplyFSBO Inc. is NOT a real estate brokerage.
No Commissions, No Closing Fees, No Hidden Fees