Our online virtual business model and partnerships saves you thousands in marketing fees without sacrificing service. Real estate marketing is moving to be almost completely online, and we are leading the way. Our company is made up of a team of experienced digital marketers, real estate experts, and partnered licensed professionals who specialize in real estate transactions.

We’ve helped hundreds of sellers successfully market their home for sale by owner, avoiding costly real estate commissions.  We also provide guidance to both buyers and sellers throughout the entire transaction.

We operate virtual offices in several regions without sacrificing service. We have partnerships in every location to take care of all aspects of buying and selling homes. Our virtual office allows us to pass the cost savings on to our customers. In other words, we provide you all the services to find a buyer and close the deal, but we do NOT charge you a massive “marketing fee” at closing like our competitors.

Our virtual office does not mean that you will never meet us. We meet many of our sellers who still like to do business in person.

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