I have helped thousands of people sell their homes for sale by owner in Iowa and Illinois. Many homes have sold quickly and some have taken more time. Over my ten years of listing FSBO Homes I have noticed a consistent pattern. The homes that sell quickly are usually the ones that have fresh paint and new carpet (if you have the extra money).

I have heard many unsuccessful sellers say the following: “I am not going to put another damn dime into this house” which is code for, I am not serious about selling, I don’t care if it sells quickly and I want to sell for much less than my asking price.

Some sellers will offer an allowance for fresh paint and new carpet after the home sells. The problem is that most sellers only see what your house is when they first walk into it – not what it could be after updates. Make sure to add the fresh paint and new carpet before you sell, especially if you are planning to spend the money anyway.

Remember this: Showing your house is like a first date – the house needs to look its best. You wouldn’t show up to a first date wearing pajamas and tell your date, I look better when I wear makeup and have nice clothes on, right? The same thing goes for your home – make sure your home looks its best before you sell it. Otherwise, it’s unlikely the buyers will schedule a second date.

If you are thinking about selling your home FSBO in the Quad Cities market try going to a few open houses. See which homes you like and which homes you do not like. The chances are pretty good that you will also notice the same pattern I do. The homes you like are the ones with fresh paint and new carpet.

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