Frequently Asked Questions - Quad Cities FSBO Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a quick overview of how this works?
All you need to do is schedule a listing appointment and we’ll take photos of your home, drop off the signs and put your home on the internet within 24 hours.

How much is the large sign deposit?
The refundable sign deposit is $20

Are there any contracts or commissions?
No, we do not have any contracts or commissions but some other local websites do.

Can I advertise on other websites while on
Yes, you can advertise on other websites.

How do I edit my listing?
There are several ways to edit your listing. Use your online account, email us at, or call us at 309-762-9000

How long does it take to photograph my house?
An empty house takes between 15-25 minutes and an occupied homes take 30-45 minutes to photograph.

Can I use my own photos?
Yes, but we strongly encourage using our professional real estate photographer’s photos which are included in listing packages.  Our photos bring buyers!