SimplyFSBO enters the Des Moines FSBO market and gives sellers the option to sell for sale by owner and be on the MLS for a flat fee!

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SimplyFSBO provides FSBO home sellers in Des Moines online real estate marketing that rivals traditional real estate agents by providing homes sellers the option to be on the MLS with a flat fee and sell for sale by owner.   Sellers can also sell advertise their home exclusively for sale by owner in the Des Moines real estate market and avoid commission completely.

Learn more how SimplyFSO’s FSBO & FLAT FEE MLS listing packages work.

The new for sale by owner website, SimplyFSBO.com, with professional online marketing creating a super effective FSBO website for home real estate sellers in Des Moines to get offers with complete marketing support while the home is for sale!

SimplyFSBO is not just another real estate marketing service, but a complete FSBO home selling package, which includes an MLS listing that also goes to hundreds of other real estate websites, including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. No fees or commissions are charged by SimplyFSBO. When the buyer’s agent sells a house, a predetermined commission set by the seller is paid. If the owner’s agent finds a buyer, no commissions are to be paid. Finally, when an agent brings a buyer to the home, a reduced commission is charged.

Within 30 minutes of listing, I had scheduled a showing. Within 5 days, I had 3 offers. I would 100% use SimplyFSBO again. The photos were amazing, customer service was top notch, and marketing reached far and wide,” said a recent client of SimplyFSBO.

SimplyFSBO prices homes at the market value, creates amazing 3D shows, and brings the listing in the view of thousands of buyers. This is far superior to the old ways of selling a house in Des Moines. SimplyFSBO brings in its marketing and online exposure, and offers ample guidance through its FSBO gurus, making it an unrivalled service.

Every seller on FSBO gets to interact with a dedicated FSBO Guru, who helps in preparing the list and answering all doubts. The Guru also connects the seller to real estate lenders, inspectors, appraisers and legal professionals to close the deal. SimplyFSBO also offers professional 3D showings.

Des Moines home owners can get their homes sell faster with SimplyFSBO’s fast, professional and trustworthy business model.

Disclaimer: Flat Fee MLS & FSBO marketing packages lets you sell for sale by owner with SimplyFSBO and be on the MLS through a licensed broker/agent. If you sell FSBO, you do NOT pay any other fees or commissions. If a buyer’s real estate agent shows your home and sells it, you only owe the predetermined commission set by you, the seller. Flat Fee MLS listings are paid to and provided by a local MLS Broker in the State of Iowa and not from SimplyFSBO. SimplyFSBO Inc. is not a real estate brokerage and does not enter into fiduciary agency relationships with sellers.

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